It’s been a little over a month since my last post here on oh gush, which in blog world is close to a lifetime, but I swear it’s not just because I’ve given up and gone AWOL.

On the contrary, I think about oh gush every day, several times a day. When I wake up, when I eat lunch, when I go to bed, practically every time I have sex – you get the picture. Despite not publishing any actual posts for the past month or so, I’ve done my best to keep up with my social media channels, and stay in touch with my readers and the companies I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with.

However, life has just gotten in the way in recent weeks and with all the balls I’ve been juggling (figuratively speaking people, come on – don’t tell me your read that in the dirty way I envisaged it in my head) and it’s been near impossible to keep them all in the air.

Four weeks ago, I left Europe and returned to Australia; I came home to a death in the family, ongoing health issues for which I’ve had to take multiple tests, and I’ve been couch surfing and moving to a new place on average every week.

I’ve got a stack of amazing products that I eager to test out and review, but dealing with grief and a complete life upheaval has really affected my sex life. Oddly enough, it hasn’t killed my drive at all, but with no privacy and “alone time” it’s been near impossible to have sex or masturbate. (I know some people have real problems, but I hadn’t realised how much of a major stress reliever masturbation had become for me until I couldn’t do it anymore!)

You might think by now that I’d be sick of talking about female ejaculation and squirting, and yet there’s still so many aspects I’m eager to write about.

I’m so grateful to those of you who have contacted me to give me feedback on what I’ve written, and/or to share your squirting experiences with me – I honestly feel so chuffed.  Hearing about the amazing ways you ladies are discovering pleasure, and exploring different facets of your sexual selves makes my heart swell.

Life is slowly becoming more stable for me now, and I’m now back on board and eager to discuss more squirt-related topics with you, and share my findings on the new products and awesome sex toys I’ve managed to get my greasy mitts on.

Thanks for bearing with me, and stay tuned for more of my pussy positive ramblings and reviews.

Much love kittens,

Rose xx

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