Female ejaculation – or ‘She-jaculation’ – occurs when fluid is expelled from the vagina (or vulva) around the time of orgasm. The amount of fluid excreted can vary from a few droplets to a several cups.

Female ejaculation, squirting and gushing are often all used as interchangeable terms. In my opinion, it’s all semantics and whichever term you feel is the best descriptor of your phenomenal yoni experience, is accurate.

Where Does It Come From?

This question is still quite controversial. It’s claimed that ‘female ejaculation’ and squirting are two separate phenomena, and come out of different areas of the vagina.

Female ejaculation is said to involve the release of whitish fluid around the time of climax, and is ejected from the Skene’s glands. The Skene’s Glands are 2 paraurethral glands located at the bottom of the urethra. These glands are surrounded with tissue that reaches up inside the vagina and swells with blood during arousal.

These glands were discovered by a chap called Alexander Skene in the 1880s, who worked out that they produced a whitish coloured fluid.

The terms ‘squirting’ and ‘gushing’ implicate the emission of a greater quantity of fluid, which is said to expel from the urethra. Unlike urine, it’s not stinky, and the fluid itself is generally a clear or pale colour, or something like watered down milk.

Some studies claim that the paraurethral gland itself is distributed over the entire length of the female urethra. Either way, the Skene’s glands and urethra are located very close together. In one of the very few and most recent studies of female ejaculation, the large amount of gushed liquid was found to also contain the whitish fluid produced from the Skene’s glands.

In recent years, the medical establishment has admitted the existence of the female prostate, and that the female ejaculate emitted during orgasm is biochemically comparable to male prostatic plasma (minus the sperm).

How Does It Happen?

Female ejaculation and squirting occur through the stimulation of the G-spot in a specific way.

For most women, the G-spot is located approximately 1.5-3 inches from the entrance of the vagina, and positioned towards the front of the vaginal wall. Some say that for women who are “natural” ejaculators, the G-spot is located closer to the entrance of the vagina.

When I had sex with men, I was never able to ejaculate through penile penetration – this isn’t to say it isn’t possible. It might just take a certain sexual position for the penis to hit the G-spot in the specific way that will lead to shejaculation.

I’ve found that digital (with fingers) penetration, using a strap-on, vibrator or dildo makes it easier to hit the G-spot with the right amount of pressure to ejaculate.

The first time I squirted, my lover was fucking me with her fingers in a different way to how she had done previously. Rather than simply pumping her fingers in and out, she curled them around and upwards slightly, changing the direction and hitting the front side of my pussy.

I’d later work out that this was the exact location of my G-spot.

How Many Women Actually Do It?

Despite being touted as the ‘unicorn sexual experience’ and not universal, it’s very real, very normal and more common than many women (and men) might realise.

It’s difficult to gauge the actual percentage of woman that ejaculate during sex, as female ejaculation has mostly escaped extensive scientific inquiry. It’s hard to say whether it’s 5%, or 10%, a third of women or even more. Every so-called medical professional or sexologist seems to have a different idea about what the actual figure is.

Unless you are squirting a substantial amount of fluid, you may be unaware that you are actually ejaculating.

For women who do ejaculate, it’s also often difficult to replicate the results they experience in private whilst under scientific study conditions. Furthermore, lady ejaculators won’t necessarily squirt every time they have sex, or orgasm.

Squirting is commonly depicted in porn, however, it’s rarely an accurate or even real representation. Instead, what you are seeing is often either urine, or liquid that has been placed in the vagina before filming. Porn has a lot to answer for in portraying that women can climax or ejaculate on command.

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