From the moment I came across the Venus Matters range of waterproof bed mats, I knew it was a brand that I was going to love.

Its CEO & Founder Jules Cazedeessus is a lady after my own heart, who has developed a life-supporting and sex-positive product for women (and men) to soothe the many different life situations in which body fluids come into play. From child birth, to period leakage, and sexual fluids to incontinence, the Venus Matters waterproof mats provide both a visually appealing and effective way of protecting a bed or surface. As Jules puts it: “we’re here so you can truly honor all of life’s cycles, from birth to death and everything in between.”

Everyone experiences bodily excretions, yet for some reason finding practical ways of managing them isn’t something that’s often addressed, nor widely discussed. The Venus Matters waterproof mats are the ideal way to make life’s little spills more comfortable, less stressful, and at the same time remove the anxiety of managing immediate laundry.

The beautiful range of Venus Matters waterproof mats came about as a result of Jules’ own personal experiences: having heavy periods, and loving period sex. (As a fellow period sex lover, I can completely relate.) Since it’s conception Jules has discovered there are so many other ways in which the waterproof mats come in handy. Check out all the uses in this section of her site: Why Venus Matters Jules even discusses the topic of female ejaculation:

Ever heard of female ejaculation? Well, #Itsnotpee and though the UK has prohibited it from being depicted in adult films, it’s perfectly natural for some women to emit up to a cup or more of fluid during sex. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and in fact, like women’s orgasms overall (which still trail behind men’s even in the same act), it could be encouraged. But oh, the wet spot!


The Wild Cotton Venus mat arrived to me in a standard international postal package. (Venus Matters is based in Colorado, U.S. and I’m now based in Australia, but far be it from me to let a little thing like distance get in the way of getting my greasy mitts on these beautiful mats.)

When the package arrived I was so eager to try out the funky patterned mat, and as I pulled it out of the bag was immediately impressed with the tiger print (reowww!!) design. The pattern and colours appear in real life exactly as they do in the photos of the mat on the Venus Matters website. As an internet shopping fiend, I always appreciate it when products are true to what’s displayed online.

The beauty and discretion of receiving the decorative waterproof mat in a standard postal package is that no one would realise the contents were, in any way, related to sexual activity. If you opened the package infront of your Nan, you could easily say “look at this lovely throw I bought to jazz up my old brown futon!” The Venus Matters mats are so attractive Nan would probably be jealous, and want one for herself too.

Venus Matters Waterproof Mat Placed On Chair Arm


The Wild Cotton Venus Mat is 42 inches in diameter, and is comprised of three layers. It differs to the rest of the cotton mat range from Venus Matters as it is rectangular in shape, rather than circular. The top layer features the tiger print, and is 100% cotton. The middle layer is key to the mat’s absorbency, and according to the Venus Matters website “it soaks up LOTS of fluid and 20x faster than towels.” For such a high level of absorbency the mat doesn’t feel particularly thick. It was a bit tricky to measure its thickness, but my guestimate is about ½ centimetre.

The waterproof bottom black layer is crinkle free, and the Venus Matters website guarantees it for 400 washes (or the equivalent of 2 years).

The mat is finished with a black trim the whole way around, which is

a similar fabric to black under layer. All the fabrics used feel lush, and are of high quality.


My periods are generally quite heavy for the first day or two, and I’m always a little worried about leakage. During my most recent period I decided to sleep on the Venus Cotton waterproof mat

and I found it deliciously soft and pleasant to lie on. I had a worry free sleep, and even thought I didn’t spot during the night I was comforted to know that if I had, the mat would catch my leaks.

I decided to first test out the mat for its absorbency during period sex.  My partner was a little sceptical as she didn’t think it would be able to deal with the double whammy of both squirting and period blood.

After she’d given me several squirting orgasms, she lifted the mat up to inspect the underside and was pleasantly surprised to find the mat had absorbed all of my fluids leaving the sheets underneath perfectly clean and dry. This has been the case with every single use, since.

Surprisingly, the mat stays more or less where you place it on the bed, even when thrashing around in the throes of passion. Another bonus.

A key difference I’ve found in comparing the Venus Matters mat with the NoMoreWetSpot waterproof blanket, is that bodily fluids are quickly absorbed into the Wild Cotton mat making it far more comfortable to lie on post coitus. Unlike some sex mats, the moisture does not pool or bead on the surface, like it can on synthetic materials; yet another bonus. It is a relief not to feel the need to fold part of it over, or pull it out from underneath me, straight away after sex.


It’s no coincidence that the intricate tiger pattern was selected for a mat designed to absorb bodily fluids and protect surfaces. Not only does it look great, it also helps conceal fluid patterns which can be very obvious on plain coloured mats. I’ve found that my period and female ejaculate stains have washed out easily, without needing any heavy duty stain removers. Pop it in the machine as any other item, it comes out fresh for the next round of sexy time.

The Venus Matters waterproof mat washes and dries very well. I have washed it several times on a gentle cycle, and hung it out on the line (or on a drying rack inside) and on cool days has dried overnight. In summer, 15 minutes on the line and it’s ready for use all over again. While the website states that the mat is dryer safe, I would advise keeping an eye on it if it goes in the dryer. We all know that dryers, unfortunately, break down the integrity of materials; as it’s dried so quickly and easily, I haven’t felt the need to use anything other than the clothes line.

Having used the Wild Cotton Venus mat many times, I can vouch that the cotton top doesn’t peel with wash and wear, nor does it crinkle during use.

Final thoughts

Hands down the Venus Matters Wild Cotton mat is the best waterproof mat I’ve used so far, and I’m keen as mustard to test out the whole range of cotton Venus mat covers.

The Venus Matters mats are also the first I’ve found to be made from CPSIA certified safe fabrics, and the materials are assembled in the US.

What’s even better is that all Venus Matters mats come with a two-year guarantee, which is an ideal safeguard. For the quality and amount of use you will get from a product like this, the $US97 price tag is a bargain.

The tiger print design of the Wild Cotton Venus Mat has been thoughtfully used to subtly disguise fluids, whilst being an attractive contemporary pattern. The blanket could easily be used as throw for your sofa without anybody realising that it was used last week to absorb your sex juices.

Another feature that sets the Wild Cotton Venus Mat apart from other waterproof blankets I’ve used is the absorbency, rather than just being ‘waterproof’ most of the fluids are actually soaked into the mat itself, rather than sitting on top.

The Venus Matters mats are high quality, feel great underneath, are beautifully patterned – and most importantly, they absorb bodily fluids brilliantly.

The Venus Matters Venus Wild Cotton Mat was provided to be me free of charge (I purchased an additional Water for Life waterproof mat and covered the cost of shipping) in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Venus Matters, and thank your sex positive mission and fantastic products!

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