I love bullet vibrators.

Sure, they’re weeny, and really only effective for clitoral stimulation but they’re also easily portable and fun. On second thought, I take back that they’re only for pleasing your clit. In fact, I highly recommend using a bullet on your nipples and perineum, in conjunction with penetration with your phallic object of choice. Or, literally any erogenous zone you feel like exploring.

I was keen to test out the Halo Vibrating Bullet from So Divine as I love the rose gold colour, and I’m a sucker for anything with a metallic look. I’d also had a great time testing out the Ooh La La Vibrator and wanted to see what else their other toys had in store for my lady parts.

So Divine Halo Bullet


So Divine are adept at sending their products in discreet packaging, and the Halo arrived in an inconspicuous brown box. When opened, I found the Halo sitting there wrapped in pink tissue paper like a thoughtful little gift. I tore this off to reveal the white box decorated with an image of the Halo surrounded by peach shaped triangles in varying hues. I thought the two small lines at the tip of the bullet indicating its vibratory proficiency somewhat superfluous, but a cute little touch nonetheless.

I’m a fan of the icons listed side by side on the side of the box indicating the bullet’s features; 100% waterproof, its smooth ABS coated material, the fact its latex & phthalate free, the 3 x AG13 batteries included and its single pulsating speed.

Halo Bullet Box With Icons On Side

I love sex toys being waterproof. Not only does this mean they are easy to clean and I can take them in the shower or pamper my puss in the bath, but being a squirter I’ve also got to conscious of my sprays seeping into my sexaccessories.

I’m extremely grateful the 3 x AG13 batteries are included, particularly as the Halo is a low cost bullet vibrator. Do you remember being a kid and opening a battery operated toy at Christmas and not being able to use it because the 4 x AAs weren’t included? The feeling is the same being an adult and opening your vibrator box, and discovering you need to buy batteries before taking it for a spin. Mood killer.

Contents Of Halo Bullet Box

The one feature listed I felt might not be a positive attribute was the single pulsating speed. Having recently tested out a bullet vibrator with multiple settings, I was slightly doubtful I’d be able to climax with the lack of variety. It felt like a lot to pin my hopes on, as my clit has rather picky and specific tastes.

The opposite side of the box featured a spiel that began with “Keen to please”

Side Of So Divine Halo Bullet Box

Initial thoughts and specs

When I took the Halo out of its pretty packaging I noticed it was quite a bit darker in colour than is shown on the front of the box. Instead of being the light rose gold colour I was expecting, it struck me as a having a dull peach shade as it sat in its plastic holder.

Textually, it didn’t feel as metallic as I’d anticipated. Surprisingly, it had a slight velvety feel, most likely because it’s made from a silicone.

So Divine Halo Bullet In Hand

The Halo measures 3 inches in length and is 0.6 inches wide, an ideal size for a bullet in my opinion. It has the So Divine logo etched on one side, and a black band around ¾ inch from the base. It’s tiny round black button on the base switches it on and off.

It also comes with a little card welcoming you to the So Divine sex toy pleasure world. Being a fan of words and playfullness, I always appreciate a little card with some patter.

Biting the bullet

I pressed in the black button on the Halo’s base to turn it on and settled in for a solo love session.

As I was already naturally lubricated when I started using the So Divine Halo Bullet, I didn’t feel the need to use any additional lube (despite my usual penchant for accompanying it with every toy I use). This also made the Halo easier to grip and use with pinpoint accuracy on my special spots.

Holding the buzzy bullet between my fingers, I thought “this may only have one setting, but it feels pretty punchy; solid without being abrasive.”

So Divine Halo Bullet

When I placed it on my clit the buzzy vibes which initially felt effective, soon became almost irritating. The noise coupled with monospeed pulsation reminded me of a mosquito flying around my head while I’m trying to get to sleep.

To be frank, the one speed just doesn’t cut it for me. Not being able to up the anti and having to sit at the one and only setting felt disappointing.

I don’t expect a huge number of pulsations from such a reasonably priced toy, but would an extra few be too much to ask? Maybe another 2, or 4? Even if it there wasn’t a range of

I’m sad to say that the bullet alone was unable to bring me to orgasm.  I ended up teaming it with the Oooh La La Flower Vibrator, and using the Halo to stimulate my nipples whilst I shifted through the Flower’s many gears.

Final thoughts

Despite falling short in getting me off on it’s own, the Halo bullet vibrator is not without its charms.

The Halo is a great addition to my pleasure toy-box, when sometimes all I, is need a trusty buzz for eroge-zone stimulation. It’s extremely well priced at only £6.66, and could even be a perfect addition to your handbag, or car glovebox, to ride with you on the road.

Not only is it small, while packing a punch, its on-trend rose gold colouring blends it into the background making it super discreet.

If you have a fuss-free clit that enjoys the consistency of a single speed, coupled with bright buzzy vibes, this pretty-as-a-peach bullet might just be perfect portable toy for you.

Contents Of Halo Bullet Box With Booklet, Box and Bullet

The So Divine ‘Halo’ Vibrating Bullet was sent to me free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review. Thank you So Divine!

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