You Should Have Sex On Your Period

Firstly, period sex is fucking awesome. I realise some people think having sex on your period is gross – plus there’s an outdated and unnecessary stigma attached to it – but it’s honestly not.

If you’ve never had sex on your period, I really encourage you to get on board*.

‘Why?’ you may ask. Well, reasons include but are not limited to:

  • The extra water retained in your pelvic region places additional pressure on your G spot
  •  You’re likely to be feeling extra sensitive and aroused during this time due to low levels of progesterone
  • Orgasms help relieve menstrual cramps and release endorphins, which make you feel whole lot better about having to bleed for several days every month.
    (Maybe not a whole lot better, but slightly less resentful.)

I know you might be thinking ‘What if I bleed all over the place?’ Or ‘What if I gross out my bed buddy?’

I do understand both of these concerns, but trust me, you won’t bleed all over the place and hopefully your sexual partner is open minded enough not to find it icky. Embrace the opportunity to be initiated into the world of period sex!

I’ve found that when I have sex on my period it tends to stop, or slow down the flow for the duration of the coitus. Sure, a few smears of blood might find their way onto my thighs, the towel I’ve placed under myself or the person I’m having sex with, but we’re not talking great sprays of blood here people.

No matter how you might imagine it, it’s not going to be a Monty Python, ‘Holy Grail,’ ‘Just a Flesh Wound’ type of situation.
I’m always thankful that there’s less blood than I would expect, and it’s the only considerate aspect of my period’s monthly intrusion. Thanks Flo.

As a squirter, I’m used to preparing the surface I’m having sex on beforehand anyway to ensure there’s minimal post-squirt clean up. So, as a result, I’m already prepared for the additional fluids that might occur.

Whilst I would generally prefer not to have a one night stand whilst on my period – or have it coincide with the first time I go to funky town with a new lover – I’ve done it on both accounts. Both times were unplanned, and thankfully my sexual partners weren’t dicks about it. These days, unless it’s the first day of my period (which coincides with angry jabby pains in the general uteral region), I’m still keen to get it on while surfing the crimson wave.

Squirting On My Period

Uteri and vaginas are magical. They can grow an entire, perfectly formed human being in there and expand widely enough for you to (painfully) get it out, and despite bleeding from them for several days every month, we all still survive.

Another reason I think mine is a mystical wonder, is that whilst I’m shedding my uteral lining I can still experience female ejaculation. I really am dumbfounded by the mechanics of this, but here we are.

I’ve also found that when I get turned on, even if I’m wearing a tampon, my yoni still produces the horny secretions that make me feel ‘wet’ down there. The juices seem to be able to work their way around the cylindrical swab of cotton, and down to coat the outer region of my pussy. Even when I take out the tampon, I’m still lubricated and ready to rumble.

I find that during period sex, I can orgasm, and subsequently, squirt more easily. I’m not sure if it’s a result of being hyper randy or the extra fluid pressing down on my G spot, but the time involved in the build up towards gushing is reduced, and after just a few minutes of pumping, the towel underneath me is soaked.

As a gusher, I’m continually surprised by the amount of liquid that I ejaculate, but during my period my body seems to really up the ante.

Is the fluid bloody? Shockingly, no. It almost seems as though my lady juice separates itself from the bloody smudges of the period sex, and it’s not in the least bit gruesome.

Do you squirt whilst on your period? I’d love to hear about it!

*Unless of course you are someone who feels totally rubbish on their period, with no randy tendencies and doesn’t want anyone coming within a 5 km radius of their pelvic region until it’s calmed the fuck down, and finished with its cramping and stabby pains. In which case, here; take this hot water bottle, an entire block of dairy milk and feel free to crawl into the foetal position for the next few days.

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