I first came across the LELO brand in my mid-twenties when living in Sydney. A good friend told me she had bought the most amazing, fancy-pants, new vibrator, and as I didn’t have a whole lot of disposable income at the time, she offered to lend it to me while she was away visiting her parents. Some people might find the idea of sharing sex toys a bit weird, but, I look at it in the same way as borrowing a pair of shoes or a dress (after a wash & sterilise of course).

After spending a few quality days with her LELO, I knew I was handling a top-notch sex toy, especially when compared with my prior limited and unfulfilling vibrator experiences. I then saved up my pennies for my very own LELO, but our time together was short lived as it was nicked by an ex-girlfriend, and commandeered during the break up.

Fast forward 10 years, and when the opportunity to try out (and review) a brand spanking new product from LELO presented itself, I was wet-the-bed-slap-my-ass-and-call-me-Nancy excited at the prospect.

Enter the LELO SONA™ Cruise

The LELO SONA Cruise Sonic Clitoral Massager arrived to me in a standard postal bag. Getting to the toy itself was a bit like playing Russian Babushka dolls, as and when I opened the bag there was a small cardboard box, which encased yet another box that was sheathed in a kind of black pouch concealing its contents.

When I eventually pulled the SONA™ Cruise’s box out of its sheath, I just stared at it for a few moments trying to work it out. I’d been briefed before receiving it that the LELO SONA™ Cruise was a new kind of vibrator, but looking through the window on the front of the box, was the most unusually shaped sex toy I’d ever seen.LELO SONA Cruise Control Review Side Of Box With Reflection On Plastic

My first thought was that it reminded me of some type of fantastic sea creature: “but, how the hell is this fat pink seahorse going to get me off?”

The baby-pink SONA™ comes lying on its side, showing off its curved body and nozzle-esque point on the left, which has an indented hollow containing the sonic pad inside. When the SONA™ is switched on, the pad protrudes upwards slightly, and you can see it vibrating (oscillating).

SONA Cruise Control Review View Of Top Of Box

The nozzle looks a bit like the instrument that the doctor would use to inspect the inside of your ears during a check-up, but much bigger. The SONA™ body also looks like an obese upside down tongue. How intrigued I was.

The black box purrs deluxe at you. Even the cardboard itself is lightly embossed with a light snakeskin pattern. The box is labelled with the brand and toy’s name on the front (LELO SONA™ Cruise Sonic Clitoral Massager) in gold typography, and the bottom, right of the plastic window boasts its “Cruise Control™ TECHNOLOGY.”

Clitoral Massager Review

There is a fair amount of text on the back of the box, including a spiel titled “A WHOLE NEW SENSATION FOR A WHOLE NEW ORGASM” – big call LELO – and 5 icons outlining the various product features (in three languages: English, German and French).

Close Up of Back of SONA Cruise Sonic Clitoral Massager Box


The Specs

The SONA™ is made from a silicone ABS with a firm, matte finish. Its measurements are 99 x 88 x 56mm.

Taking the SONA™ out of its cut-out nook in the box, I found it was shaped to perfectly nestle in the palm of my hand. My fingers then discovered the smooth metallic backing, which felt nice to touch and gave a high-end textual contrast to the silicone.

SONA Cruise Metallic Side


The SONA™ has three buttons located approximately two inches under the sonic pad. The centre button (which has a tiny icon that looks a lot like a little vulva) switches between the 8 resonating settings, while the top button with a ‘minus’ icon and the bottom button with the ‘plus’ icon which control the intensity of the pulsations; stronger or softer sonic pulsations when the respective button is pressed.

SONA Cruise Showing Buttons On Front

When I inspected the inside of the box, I found it also contained a Warranty Registration card, a USB charger (always handy as I’m charging my little SONA™ on my laptop as I write this), a teensy instruction manual, a satin storage pouch and a sachet of “Personal Moisturiser” (or in layman’s terms, lube) with its own instructional leaflet.

Contents Of SONA Cruise Box

The “Personal Moisturiser” is a great touch. I seriously wish that more sex toys would come with a complementary sachet. I’m forever running out of goddamn lube, and having to go on a lube mission before I can test out a new sex toy really kills my buzz. Nice work LELO.

How the SONA™ Cruise is different

The SONA™ is like a breath of fresh air to the vibratory world. Unlike the majority of vibrators, it’s not phallic in shape and its actually been designed to stimulate the whole clitoris, and not the just the pea shaped bundle of nerves visible on the exterior of the female body.

SONA Cruise Vibrator With Nozzle Pointing Downwards

Instead of conventional vibrations, the SONA™ claims to use sonic pluses to stimulate the entire clitoral structure. The little sonic pad contained in the nozzle oscillates back and forth, creating sonic waves.

The vibrating pad (within the nozzle) doesn’t need to make actual contact with your clitoris for it do its thang; the beauty of this, is that you can literally spend all day using it, and you won’t end up walking around like John Wayne, afterwards. Win.

LELO have put together an awesome little video on the SONA™ that explains the technology behind this creation, and it’s well worth a watch.

Sonic Vibes

I felt a little tentative when I first handled the SONA™, and instead of directing it straight to the inside of my pants, I decided to test it out on my face to see what kind of sensation the small circular mouth (sonic pad) would give my skin.

Have you ever been on holiday to Thailand or Bali, and stuck your feet in one of those tanks with a million little sucker fish? Pressing the SONA™ against my cheek reminded me a little of that.

Up Close View Of The SONA Cruise Nozzle

The SONA™ turns on by pressing the ‘plus’ button, at the bottom of the set of three (and is turned off by holding down the ‘minus’ button). A little light blinks around the outside of the buttons every time one is pressed – handy for when you’re having some alone time in the dark.

I was initially a bit too eager with the SONA™ placing it straight on to my clit at max capacity, which was a shock to the system. As I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t need direct contact for it to work its magic. As I held it slightly away from my skin, so it was only barely touching, I began to see what all the fuss was about with these sonic waves.

Under Side View Of SONA CRUISE Showing Base

Unlike other vibrators I’ve used, I actually felt the throbs internally and not just on the part of my clitoris the SONA™ was touching. It caused me to contract all my muscles from my abs through to the opening of my vagina. It somehow made me more present and engaged with my mastubatory session rather than just going through the motions.

As I switched through the first of the settings, I found the first four typical of most vibrator settings. The first is a continuous hum, then there’s a buzzzzz – buzzzzz – buzzzzz, followed by more frenetic buzz-buzz-buzz and BUZZ-BUZZ-BUZZ!

SONA Cruise Sonic Clitoral Massager Review

By the time I got to the fourth setting I was pleasantly surprised that the SONA started to mix things up a bit. The last few settings are more like waves of pulsations flowing up and down, which even sound musical as they crescendo and decrescendo.

After a few minutes of use I began to wonder if it would actually be able to bring me to orgasm, or if I would spend the next hour edging to the brink only be left unfulfilled.

Rather than rushing my orgasm, which I have a propensity to do during a self-love session, I relaxed into it and played around with increasing and decreasing the intensity of the sonic vibes.

SONA Cruise On Side Front View

After 20 minutes or so I climaxed with a spine tingling, toe curling orgasm that lasted longer than one I’d usually get from a standard vibrator, and left me with pins and needles in my feet for several moments.

Being able to control the force of pulsations with the plus and minus buttons is fan-freaking-tastic. I started off on quite a low intensity, and as I edged closer to my orgasm I upped the intensity which helped me climax.

One thing to note about the SONA™ is that it’s not whisper quiet. It’s not exactly loud, but it can definitely be heard when in use. Unless of course, you decide to take it into the bath or shower with you. In the shower the water helps to conceal the sound of the pulsations, and when used in a mass of water it also slightly dulls the buzzing noise.

Final thoughts

Needless to say, I’m a big fan of the SONA™ Cruise. Until it entered my life, I hadn’t really considered the prevalence of phallic shaped vibrators, and how misguided they might be for clitoral stimulation and perhaps in general.

Does it even make sense to have the market dominated by penis shaped toys, when scientific findings repeatedly report that the majority of women are not able to orgasm from penetration alone?

It’s about time sex toy companies started to think outside the box in terms of size and shape, and I’m glad LELO have jumped on board with challenging this phallic norm.

Base of LELO SONA Cruise Box

The design of this little LELO companion is perfectly engineered. You can literally hold it in place for hours without any strain on your wrist and it delivers an indulgent treat of a divine mastubatory session.

It should be noted that you need to set time aside to truly enjoy all that SONA™ has to offer. It didn’t get me off in a matter of minutes the way a standard vibe would, and you need to be in it for the long haul to make the most of its sonic prowess.

There’s something decadent about LELO sex toys, and the SONA™ Cruise is no exception – it is the perfect companion for a romantic night in for one.

If this is the future of vibrators, I’m all about it.

The LELO SONA™ Cruise Sonic Clitoral Massager was given to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Thank you LELO, keep making your magical machines!

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