If you haven’t heard of So Divine by now, you really should get yourself acquainted. Not only do they have a great range of quality, affordable sex toys, they also have a great inclusive ethos. As outlined on their website, “The So Divine range was born from our belief that sex toys should be fun for all: women, men, straight, gay, couples and singletons – this party is an open house.” Love it.

After having tested the So Divine Ooh La La Flower Vibrator and So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet, I was keen to see what the dual ended So Divine ‘Wicked Game’ Massaging Wand had in store for me.


The So Divine ‘Wicked Game’ Massaging Wand arrived in a discreet cardboard box, that when opened revealed the wand sitting there wrapped in a manner not unlike that of a wrapped perfume bottle from a fancy department store. Pretty pink tissue paper with a gun-metal grey-ribbon. No matter what is concealed inside having something wrapped and tied with ribbon is a sure fire way to get me excited. I mean, who doesn’t love feeling like its Christmas and your opening something super special?

So Divine Wicked Game Massaging Magic Wand Pink Packaged Box
The tissue paper was super transparent and barely concealed the box adorned with rather large phallic shaped image. Not that this is an issue in any way, it’s fitting if nothing else to have the contents displayed on the box, it just had me giggling to myself a little.

Once unwrapped, the box has a short message relating to the secret delight of the ‘ultra quiet and powerful wand“ on one side. On the other the box sports a pleasing array of icons promoting the 100% waterproof, USB re-chargeable, soft silicone surface, latex and phthalate free and a 2 year warranty.

So Divine Wicked Game Massaging Magic Wand Side ofBox

Once opened and nestled in between perfectly die-cut foam is one large purple penetration device. Included in the contents of the box is the charger – I love a battery free device – and a handy black pouch for storage.

While on one hand its your standard phallic object, on the other it looks like some kind of one eyed, one horned, flying purple hover shaft from the future. Or a microphone. Either way, I was hoping it would make me sing!

Swapping Sides

The So Divine Wicked Game Massaging Wand is made from gorgeously smooth silicone that slides luxouriously, and is completely seam-free.

It has two vibrating sides. A wand head, and an insertable shaft. So Divine claims the wand to be ‘discreet’ to use. Although not whisper quiet it definitely is the “strong and silent type” –  I didn’t need to worry that the neighbours would hear it buzzing away through my flat’s thin walls.

The wand’s controls are pretty straight forward and easy to use. A central on / off button which is activated by holding it down a few seconds. Then there are two arrow buttons on either side of the central button. Each arrow controls the vibration speed and setting for the tip it is pointing to. Only one side of the toy can vibrate at any one time.

There is a total of 3 different vibration speed and 7 different patterns to choose from for each side. It is worth while exploring each setting to see which ones work well for you and getting familiar with where it sits in the programming, because if you scan past a setting you like, then you have to go through each one before you find it again. Mood killer.

Initially it is hard not to see this toy as one object and get intimidated by its 10 inches long length, but once accustomed to its duel purpose, the design makes a lot of sense.

So Divine Wicked Game Massaging Magic Wand in Hand on Pouch

The Wand Head

The wand head is 1.5 inches in length with a 1 inch flexible stem and a circumference of 5.4 inches. I initially just used this to massage my clitoris as I tested all the different settings. Amazingly in my first session of use, the wand head led me to a huge orgasm with heavy gushing! I wasn’t expecting this at all, as I was merely in exploratory play. But it worked a treat! As my partner was away, I didn’t have the opportunity to use this in partner play in time for this review, but I can imagine that incorporating this massaging head would really spice things up (and I’m definitely adding it to the future sex list).

The Insertable Shaft

The insertable shaft is 4 inches in length up to the control panel. You could insert further if you don’t mind loosing access to the control buttons, which are a bit difficult to control anyway when in the midsts of self pleasure anyway. The insertable shaft has a circumference of 5 inches and is slightly curved for comfort and ease.

Girth wise, I found this ideal, however I found the vibrations of the insertable shaft a little too buzzy,  and  itdid not excite my G-spot no matter the setting, or length of time I played. If the vibrations had more depth to them, I am sure I would have found the wand as a whole more deeply satisfying.

However, I did find playing with the two ends – internally and externally – brought my clitoral orgasms to extreme peaks.

Final Thoughts

This is my third product review from the So Divine range, and as you can probably see I’m a bit of a fan girl.

Overall, the So Divine Wicked Game Massaging Wand rightfully earns the interchangeable title of the Wicked Game Magic Wand – it has seriously admirable amount of power for its size. It is quiet and flexible, and a very worthwhile addition to any masturbatory session.

I was seriously impressed with the prowess of the wand head in getting me to gush first time round, particularly as I squirt more infrequent with external stimulation than internal. If your G spot is less discerning than mine, and a buzzy vibration frequency is what rocks your socks, the insertable side might just be shaft your vagina has been searching for. Either way, at at £45.83 it is well worth the investment.

Besides, when you’re getting two functions for the price of one, what’s not to get excited about?

The So Divine ‘Wicked Game’ Massaging Wand was sent to me free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review. Thank you So Divine!

So Divine Wicked Game Massaging Magic Wand Box

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