Several months ago, I was having a lazy day and faffing around on the internet trying to find a powder I had heard about that is meant to soak up any post-coital wet spots on the bed sheets.

To me, it sounded like a bit of a long shot in terms of effectiveness. However, I figured if there was such a product that could offer a quick after-sex fix in soaking up wet patches and avoid anyone having to sleep in damp discomfort, is was definitely worth trying out.

Amazon had sold out of the product, which invariably led me over to holler at the Twitter world and see if anyone could help a sister out. Funnily enough, the product I was looking for was named “No More Wet Spot” and happened to have the same name as another brand NoMoreWetSpot.

NoMoreWetSpot sell a range of sex toys, but more interestingly (for me) they’ve created a set of waterproof blankets specifically designed to catch the fluids from sex, lube and massage oils whilst keeping your mattress and sheets clean and dry.

NoMoreWetSpot Jumbo Fleece Waterproof Blanket Infront Of Box On Bed

The creator/owner of NoMoreWet Spot sent me through a message, and explained that he had developed the product after his wife had become a squirter. I thought “if this can capture my gushes and replace the make-shift towel/plastic bag combo I’ve been using to protect my bed from sex juice for the past few years, I’ll be impressed.”

More to the point, there are plenty of other she-jaculative ladies who deserve the freedom to sexually express themselves, without worrying about keeping their mattress/the surface they’re having sex on clean and dry.

Whilst waiting for my waterproof blanket to arrive, I headed over to the NoMoreWetSpot website (which, for someone who works in Online Comms and deals with websites and web design on a day to day basis, the layout and graphics made me want to cry a little).

On the website I came across a ‘Demo Video’ page, which showed an improvised fountain fashioned out of one of the waterproof blankets. The video itself is terrible quality, but watching the streaming flow of water cascading into the blanket without a drop seeping through, is nothing short of impressive.

Arrival & First Impressions

“THE JUMBO FLEECE” waterproof blanket was sent to me via tracked post, which was excellent and meant that I received email updates from when it was dispatched through to delivery. When the package arrived, I was extremely glad that it had been tracked and I knew what the contents were so I could open it alone. (I’ve been staying with family the past few weeks, which includes my 6 year old nephew). This was particularly important as when I peeled it out of the postal bag, the imagery and wording on the front clearly indicated what the contents were to be used for.

NoMoreWetSpot Box Front View

When I looked at the image of the sexy woman lying on the bed in a g-string (thong) with a spray of water superimposed across her backside, the first thought that popped into my head was “this is definitely geared towards men in a rather blatant way.” If I were in a sex shop and this product was positioned side by side with with a similar product that had a more female-friendly image; perhaps of a couple for example, I would be a lot more inclined to purchase the alternative product.

This prompted me to ask NoMoreWetSpot who they see as their target market, to which they replied that while they have different targets for different applications of the product, it is generally men that make the purchase. I found this surprising as men aren’t the only ones producing the bodily fluids during sex. Particularly as someone in a same-sex relationship, this product is equally useful to both me and my partner.

When I opened the box to reveal the blanket I was struck by two things;

  • The colour of one side of the blanket didn’t look like ‘khaki’ to me
  • The blanket itself was surprisingly soft and thin

    Side Views Of NoMoreWetSpot Box
    There is a little whole on the side of the box allowing you to feel the softness of the fleece prior to opening it. It is super soft.

“THE JUMBO FLEECE” is black on one side, and ‘khaki’ on the other (I think it’s beige, the box tells me its khaki) and measures 150cm by 210 cm, which perfectly covers the majority of a standard queen sized mattress. According to the NoMoreWetSpot website, the waterproof blanket also comes in purple/turquoise and red/black.

NoMoreWetSpot Jumbo Fleece Blanket On Bed

The material is a fine fleece, which is nicely finished around the edges with a black trim. There are two tags on one side; the brand “NoMoreWetSpot” labelling on one, and the cleaning instructions labelled on the other.

Close Up Of The Label

Does it Work?

I have tested NoMoreWetSpot’s THE JUMBO FLEECE many times now, and it has not only protected the mattress (or surface I’ve had sex on), not the slightest drop of liquid or dampness has come through to the other side of the blanket.

The damn thing is impenetrable.

I even tested the prowess of the NoMoreWetSpot’s THE JUMBO FLEECE by pouring a glass of water directly onto it (as per the photo below). I do squirt a fair amount of liquid, but wondered how the blanket would fare with an entire glass of water. The water pooled on top, and not a drop seeped through. In fact, the khaki side remained completely dry.

I left the water sitting on the blanket for around 5 minutes to see if it would go through. Not even a skerrick.

Water Poured On Jumbo Fleece Blanket

I have ejaculated everything from a relatively small amount of milky fluid to a large puddle of gush. Neither the milky excretion and ejaculate liquid soaked into the blanket itself, as I might have expected, instead the fluids more or less sat on the top.

The downside to this is that if there’s fluids on your skin, you’re not going to be able to dry off.

Contrary to the claim on the front of the box stating “Now Noone Needs has to sleep in the wet spot!” – technically you’re still going to be lying in one, unless you fold a dry section of the blanket over the dampness – an easy fix.


While there are smaller sizes, which would be great for traveling, I can really recommend opting for NoMoreWetSpot’s ‘jumbo’ size waterproof blanket, because it fits across the entire bed and allows you plenty of room to roll around.

My partner and I have found another bonus use of NoMoreWetSpot’s THE JUMBO FLEECE waterproof blanket in cold weather. Instead of slipping into a chilly bed on a cold night, we lay THE JUMBO FLEECE down first and when we hop in we’re immediately warm and snug. It also means that if we’re too tired to have sex in the evening, when we wake up in the morning the blanket is already underneath us and we’re ready to go.


I was very impressed with how easy the blanket is to wash in a standard washing machine cycle. I’ve washed it numerous times, and it hasn’t changed the texture of the fleece. Moreover, it hasn’t shrunk or changed the shape of the blanket at all; it is still as good as when it first arrived. While I haven’t tested putting it in the dryer, (it should be tumble tried on ‘low’ only) it dries within a few hours on the clothes line, or on a drying rack inside.

NoMoreWetSpot Jumbo Fleece Waterproof Blanket Infront Of Box On Bed

Just One More Thing…

While I’m reviewing a product here, there is something I feel I need to highlight as it’s not entirely in line with the ethos of oh gush and my sex positive philosophy. Some of the content that NoMoreWetSpot post on their social media channels is not exactly feminist or empowering towards women; in fact it’s often pretty sexist.

In my opinion, it would be a lot more fitting to promote the products themselves and the sexual freedom they give both men and women rather than solely posting sexually explicit memes.

NoMoreWetSpot Twitter Images
IMO: Nothing wrong with licking an asshole, and no actually means no.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt about the fact that this is a fantastic product – I can unequivocally state that it works like a charm in protecting whatever surface you are having sex on.

Hand Showing NoMoreWetSpot Waterproof Jumbo Fleece Blanket Doesn't Leak

It’s soft and comfortable to lie on, easy to wash and it’s ridiculously effective. I still can’t quite work out how they have made a thin fleece blanket so absorbent and impenetrable.

The only downsides to the NoMoreWetSpot waterproof blanket are the rather lacklustre ‘khaki’ colour, and the fact that fluid doesn’t absorb into it. If you’re a prolific gusher like myself, you’re still going to feel post-sex dampness unless you fold the wet section of the blanket over, and lie on a fresh patch.

Kudos to NoMoreWetSpot for such an effective waterproof blanket, but perhaps a rethink on sharing some more empowering imagery on social media, and investing in and sleeker website design would be a great next step.

As I’m located on the other side of the world, NoMoreWetSpot generously sent me the THE JUMBO FLEECE waterproof blanket free of charge in exchange for my honest review, whilst I covered the cost of the shipping from Canada. Thank you NoMoreWetSpot!

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