As you can probably tell, I’m fairly interested in the topic of female ejaculation. So much so it borders on obsession, and I spend quite a lot of time falling down the Google rabbit hole researching it.

I’ve spent countless hours meandering through the multitude of squirt related websites and articles. I have found there are too many sites out there claiming they can “teach you to make her squirt” and in doing so, suggest you too “can reach the pinnacle of sexual prowess”.

Reading through these sites I think to myself “Surely, no one’s going to swallow this horse shit?” but clearly the click-bait works: even I know what I’m about to read is complete garbage, yet I can’t help myself. I too want to find out what spellbinding gimmick they’re selling, that will apparently get a woman to soak her sheets.

Of course, you need to sign up and hand over a subscription fee to find out the ‘secret’.

Red flag.

What really jerks me off about these sites though (and not in the good way), is the promise you will reach the peak sexual expertise by giving a woman a liquid orgasm.

Shameless lies.  And here’s the short list:

1. If You Make Her Squirt She Will Fall in Love with You

I stumbled upon a successful website (or, that’s at least the impression I got with its instructional videos and sleek design) run by a couple who allegedly hold regular seminars teaching men the wizardry of inducing female ejaculation.

Amongst their claims: “After you make her squirt she will obsess over you” and you will “make her fall in love with you and worship your every move.”


I can’t help but think you’re at a pretty desperate stage if you feel you need to get a woman to squirt in order for her to develop legitimate love-filled emotions for you.

I can assure you, it doesn’t work that way…

2. If You Make Her Squirt She Will Never Leave You

As a wise friend of mine once said “hell yeah, he’s gotta lick your pussy – but he’s also gotta support your hopes and dreams.” In other words, sex is super important but if you’re an asshole it doesn’t matter how great you are in bed – you’re still an asshole.

Sex is only one component of a romantic relationship. The idea that squirting is the be-all to keeping a woman sexually gratified, that it will ensure a woman will stick around, is pathetic and completely misguided.

If you’re not pulling your weight in terms of offering love, emotional support – and generally a great time – a woman could be gushing rivers, but will most likely wise up to your bullshit and kick you to the curb.

3. If You Can’t Make Her Squirt She’s ‘Missing Out’ & You’re Inadequate

Women are all so different; the way in which their bodies respond to stimulation and sexual pleasure is similarly just as varied.
A squirting orgasm and a non-squirting orgasm are both awesome sexual releases that have manifested in different ways.

Not every woman is able to squirt. Not every woman is able to achieve orgasm through penetrative sex, or even sex with another person. This isn’t to say they’re not having a rip-snorter of a great time during the process though. Every woman’s (and man’s) pleasure and expression of that pleasure is different, yet totally real and valid.

While it’s your responsibility to ensure that you are doing everything within your power to adequately pleasure the woman with whom you are having sex, sorry big boy, you simply may not be able to make her squirt.

Some women are able to squirt, and others are not. It’s not you, and no, there’s nothing lacking in your sexual dexterity.

4. If You Make a Woman Squirt, You’re an Amazing Lover

Ok, so this could be true – you could be an amazing lover if she ejaculates during sex – but it’s not a given.

A woman squirting is not necessarily about you making it happen.

Sure, it’s more likely to happen if you are an attentive lover, but there are other key factors at play, and a huge part (if not all) of it is dependent on her mental state, and natural squirting ability.

Even if she is able to squirt once or twice during sex, she may not be able to achieve ejaculation every time you have sex play with her.

Some women (like yours truly) gush buckets every time they have sex, while others squirt occasionally. A women may even ejaculate once or twice in her life, and then it never happens again.

Squirting is more about the woman doing it than it is about anything you are doing. Forget the aim of “achieving that unicorn sexual experience”. Keep it real, keep it honest and enjoyable. Lovers climax at their best when they are free of expectations or pressure; relax, have a good time and see what comes (pun intended).

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