In 2015, a study took place in which a group of French scientists apparently ‘proved’ squirting to be coital incontinence.

A.k.a, they concluded that squirting isn’t actually real, it’s just pee.

What took place in this one confounded study (that the media went ape shit over), was a group of 7 (yes, only 7) she-ejaculative women undertook “provoked sexual arousal” (were made to come/masturbated until they climaxed), while pelvic ultrasounds were performed.

The ultrasounds were conducted after the women had peed (to confirm bladder emptiness prior to stimulation); during sexual stimulation; just before squirting; and after squirting. The chemical compositions of their secretions were then assessed.

The conclusion drawn was that “the data based on ultrasonographic bladder monitoring and biochemical analyses indicate that squirting is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity, although a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions to the emitted fluid often exists.” 

I Call Bullshit

Back the fuck up here for a second, because concluding that the fluid squirted is an ‘emission of urine’ is far too simplistic. This outright contradicts several other studies which have found zero, or very low, levels of creatine and urine in the ejaculated fluid.

Although I’m not a doctor or a scientist, I’m a long time lady juice producer, and I know first hand that the fluid excreted is very different to urine.

How do I know this?

  • It does not smell like pee,
  • it does not taste like pee,
  • it does not look like pee, and
  • the fluid’s consistency is different to pee

But Isn’t There Some Wee In There?

Well, yes, it is plausible for there to be a tiny amount of urine contained within the ejaculation, as it seems just as likely for this would be the case for men also. Semen and urine pass down the exact same passage, yet we’re not throwing shame at guys are we? We’re not claiming they’re peeing when they’re blowing their load!

I generally pee before and after sex, and therefore, before and after gushing. Regardless of however much I had squirted, I am always able to pee post gush. (Ladies, if you’re not peeing right after sex, please do it, it’s a super important as it reduces the risk of getting a urinary tract infection.)

It’s also worth noting that she-jaculating is completely different from golden showers.

If golden showers float your boat there’s nothing wrong with that, but squirting is an entirely different animal, and shouldn’t be categorised in the same way as the “emission of urine during sexual activity”.

Do we really need to add further taboo and shame the women out there who are squirting during sex, by adding the stigma that they are involuntarily peeing themselves?

No, we fucking don’t.

Call it what it is: squirting, gushing, shejaculation or female ejaculation #notpee

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