A study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, that was conducted with the aim of demonstrating (proving) that “real” female ejaculation and “squirting” or “gushing” are two different types of phenomena.

This study concluded that “the organs and the mechanisms that produce them are bona fide different. The real female ejaculation is the release of a very scanty, thick, and whitish fluid from the female prostate (Skene’s glands), while the squirting is the expulsion of a diluted fluid from the urinary bladder.

Reading through this study, my hackles started to rise with the use of the terminology ‘real’ female ejaculation, and the assertion that squirting or gushing aren’t a ‘real’ female ejaculatory response  really annoyed me.

Actually, it doesn’t really annoy me it down right fucks me off.

Why aren’t the two physiological responses simply viewed as different types of female ejaculation? Both occur through stimulation of the female sexual organs during sexual activity, why are both not viewed as “real”?

This study is even labelled “New Insights from One Case of Female Ejaculation” – one case, using one volunteer.

One Case. One. Fucking. Volunteer. Hardly extensive research.

In the limited number of studies that have been conducted on female ejaculation, gushing is often coined as ‘coital incontinence’ which is completely outright false. I know, first-hand, that the fluid excreted is not yellow, stinky pee; it is in fact sweet smelling and is generally clear or resembles something like watered down milk.

I’ve written a whole post on how squirting isn’t pee, I’ve outlined my thoughts on this, and the bullshit stigma attached.

I have experienced both the release of whitish fluid, said to be from the Skene’s glands, and the ejection of a large amount of clearer fluid from the urethra.

My final thoughts on this are; if you are having an ejaculatory response, i.e. discharging fluid from your vagina through sexual activity and/or orgasm, and you’re a female: You’re experiencing female ejaculation.

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