This is a question that I’ve pondered for a while now without finding a concrete answer. It’s ironic in a way, as there are so many women (and men) out there on a quest to achieve female ejaculation, with some even feeling as though they are missing out by not having experienced it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I seem to be what I call a ‘natural squirter.’ A term I’ve coined to mean that female ejaculation happens easily for me, I don’t seem to have much control over it, and it isn’t something I ever tried to make happen.

I squirt (practically) every time I have sex, regardless of the sexual position I’m in. Sometimes even before orgasming, I gush just from being turned on. I also find the amount of fluid I squirt, is directly proportionate to both how relaxed, and how horny I am.

The only way for me to stop myself ejaculating is to also stop myself from experiencing sexual pleasure. And quite frankly, that’s just fucking pointless.

I wasn’t always the consistent squirter I am today. Squirting has featured in my sex life for many years, yet prior to being with my awesome current lover, I’d only ever dribbled a relatively small amount of liquid. I’d leave a small wet patch in the bed, but it wasn’t enough to worry about having to manage it.
Then when my partner and I started having sex, this escalated to me jetting out what seemed like buckets of fluid virtually overnight. I don’t exactly know what’s responsible for this, but I put it down to the level of intimacy and sexual connection we have.

My partner loves the shit out of my gushes, whereas I had a bit of a rocky road in coming to terms with the sheer volume of it during the initial stages of our relationship. I rode a bit of a squirt-shame rollercoaster for a while, and feeling disgruntled at having to protect the bed or surface we have sex on as a ‘normal’ part of our sex life.

Sometimes, It’s Just Plain Inconvenient

While, I’m not willing to deny myself the sexual pleasure and amazing release that goes hand in hand with squirting, there are times when it would be handy I could turn it off for a while.

I’m talking about the times when I’m not in own environment or on holidays, and want to spontaneously have sex but am not prepared with the trusty plastic bag and towel combo. It’s these times when I’d like to be able to come without having to worry about the ejaculate staining my clothes, the bed sheets or anything else.

One time whilst staying at a friend’s house I was caught out without protection. I was horny and needed sex (it probably coincided with my period, when I’m randy as fuck). Granted, we’d also imbibed several drinks after spending the day at a wedding, and was feeling amorous. I also thought it would be appropriate to go one for one with the bride and groom in celebrating life, love and loins. I just really needed a fuck. (Did I mention I was horny?)
To save our friend’s freshly made bed and 300 count sheets, we ended up having sex on the floor despite it being the middle of winter. I also sacrificed my fleece jumper to save the carpet underneath us from sponging up my gushes.
At least the next day when our friend asked “Did you guys have sex in my bed?” we could truthfully answer “No.”

It’s these occasions when it would be handy if I had a switch I could flick off to temporarily to control the lady juice, whilst not compromising on my climax.

Would Kegals Help?

Kegal exercises are great, and there are a lot of benefits to strengthening your vaginal muscles. These include making sex more enjoyable, keeping your pelvic floor healthy and improving or maintaining bladder control. Doing kegal exercises regularly can give you greater control over your orgasms and even help you squirt – but from my experience, it won’t affect your ability to stop squirting.

There is pretty much zero research on controlling one’s self from experiencing female ejaculation, and trust me I’ve looked. (If you’re a better sleuth than I am, and have been able to find any information on this, pretty please leave a comment and let me know.)

So Can You Actually Stop Yourself from Having a Squirting Orgasm?

Sure, you can do so by stopping yourself from climaxing, and/or just not have sex. (Did that read as ridiculously as it did when I wrote it?)

Otherwise, maybe not.

I know I’m always going to be happier, and sex is always going to be better, doing what comes most naturally so I’m not going to waste any time trying to stop my body responding to sexual pleasure the way it wants to.

Despite it being inconvenient at times, I’ve embraced squirting as the natural orgasmic reaction that means I’m having a wicked time.

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