When I discuss female ejaculation and squirting, (which is always) I tend to put them both under the same umbrella terminology, using ‘female ejaculation’ to encompass any way in which an ejaculatory response manifests for a woman during sexual activity.

I know a lot of people would say this is incorrect, and I suppose it is: Female ejaculation is technically different to squirting, and scientifically they are two are separate phenomena.

Yet, I continue along my merry way because:

  • both female ejaculation and squirting are natural sexual responses – equally valid and normal
  • it may even be difficult to recognise which ejaculatory response has actually occurred.

Too often medical professionals position female ejaculation as being the only true form of a female ejaculatory response. Squirting comes in as the poor cousin, and  we’re constantly told that squirting is simply a woman peeing herself during sex. Any woman that has actually experienced squirting will tell you this archaic perspective is fucking wrong.

How are female ejaculation and squirting different?

Female ejaculation Squirting or gushing
Origin Produced from the Skene’s Glands or ‘female prostate’ nestled between the urethra and vagina. Excreted from the urethra.
Colour Milky, viscous and opaque. Ranges from a watered down milky colour, to a clear liquid.
Volume Generally a small amount. Ranges from a few dribbles to around an ounce. It can seem like buckets of water – enough to soak through bed sheets.


The key differences between female ejaculation and squirting are the origin from where the fluid is excreted, the colour and consistency, and the amount of fluid produced.

Female ejaculate originates from the Skene’s Glands, which are little glands that are similar to the male prostate. These glorious little glands are nestled behind the labia minora, only to be found under careful examination. The main difference between the male and female prostates, apart from its shape and size between the two, is that the function of the female prostate is still unknown. Generally, the amount of milky ejaculate from the Skene’s Glands is quite negligible; so little in fact, you may not even realise.

Squirting is expelled from the urethra, the same place as urine, and as such it’s often unfairly dismissed ‘sexual incontinence.’ Sure, it probably has some pee in it, but it’s not the same thing as urination. Evidence of what creates squirting and where it comes from is still based on unsubstantial research, however, as a full time squirter, I can assure you it’s not pee. I empty my bladder before sex, and yet I still generate copious amounts of liquid. Just because it comes from the same hole, doesn’t mean it’s the same thing.  After all, male ejaculate also comes out the urethra, yet I don’t see anyone getting concerned about how many traces of urine it contains.

Continuing the ridiculous comparison of squirting with urination makes no sense to me at all. The medical community arguing over how much piss it does, or does not contain, only feeds the redundant taboo and shame-ridden association with squirting.

Can you squirt and female ejaculate at the same time?

In short – absolutely.

Both female ejaculation and squirting can occur during the same bout of sexual activity. I’ve personally experienced both separately and together many times.

Whilst on holiday my partner and I were using an absorbent travel towel and plastic bag combo (before our lives had been blessed with the discovery of waterproof blankets) to protect the bed we were banging on.

The travel towel we were using was light blue and clearly displayed the nature and colour of my sex fluids. After having sex, I got up and viewed the pattern I’d left on the towel: it was evident that I’d left remnants of both female ejaculation and squirting. The towel was soaked almost to the edges with my clear gushing squirts, and the milky flow from my female ejaculate left a butterfly-like pattern in the middle.

The interesting thing about female ejaculation is that you don’t necessarily realise it’s happened at the time. Generally, not a lot of fluid is excreted, and it often gets mixed in with other sexual secretions and therefore, is overlooked. You only have to think about when you or your female partner is aroused and “wet” or “juicy”; this could very likely be female ejaculate.

I’m always aware  when I squirt that I’ve expelled clear love juice, as I feel my pelvic floor muscles physically push it out. On the other hand, I never feel the opaque excretion from female ejaculation.

Have you experienced female ejaculation and squirting at the same time?




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