I’m Rose; a pussy positive enthusiast, writer and ranter. I also tend to drop the f-bomb a lot.

In my everyday life, I eat too much peanut butter and dream of having a menagerie filled with baby goats. Here, I talk about female ejaculation (also known as “squirting” and “gushing”) and other sex positive subjects.

I first discovered I had the ability to squirt around the age of 25. This first gushing experience seemed to open the flood gates, quite literally, and I’ve continued to squirt ever since.

When I uncovered my vagina’s showery prowess, I began to ask myself  a myriad questions:

  • What haven’t I heard about this before?
  • Does this happen to other women too? (I thought only guys ejaculated during sex….?)
  • Why had none of my friends ever if told me if they do this?
  • How do I deal with the wet patch?
  • What is this liquid I’m squirting made out of?

Despite countless hours of research, I wasn’t able to find a lot of helpful information.

Most of what is written about female ejaculation and squirting either hypes it up as the pinnacle of sexual prowess, or pointlessly debates whether or not it’s just pee.

Of the few scientific studies that have been conducted around female ejaculation, most focus on trying to ‘prove’ the phenomenon as an involuntary emission of urine during sex, or “sexual incontinence.” Not only is this inaccurate, it also shames women for whom this is a completely normal and natural expressive sexual response.

I therefore decided to create a website to talk about the aspects of squirting that I couldn’t find useful information about, in the hope of creating discussion and removing the outdated and unnecessary stigma associated with it.

I am not a medical professional or psychologist. Everything I write is written from own experience, or point of view. Yours might be different. That’s cool. Feel free to tell me about it.


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