While noone as yet has been able to scientifically identify exactly why some women are able to achieve female ejaculation and others are not, I have found that there are some key factors that need to be in place for it to happen.

Here are the 5 essential factors that I believe come into play in achieving female ejaculation:

1. G-spot Stimulation

The G-spot can seem like an elusive entity. There’s even a hunk of bullshit out there telling us that the G-spot doesn’t even exist.

For most women, the G-spot is located approximately 1.5-3 inches from the entrance of the vagina, and positioned towards the front of the vaginal wall.

Some say that for women who are “natural” ejaculators, the G-spot is located closer to the entrance of the vagina. It can actually be felt by placing the fingers at the entrance of the vagina, and moving them in an upwards beckoning motion.

The G-spot has a different texture to the rest of your vagina, and will feel slightly raised or ridged. When you are fully aroused, the G-spot is easier to find and can take more pressure.

My partner tells me that she can feel when I’m about to squirt, as my G-spot swells up with the lady juice it’s about to gush out.

Most women will require deeper penetration or a specific sexual position to hit the right spot. A vibrator or dildo can be more effective than a penis, or even fingers.

2. A Relaxed Mental State

Let’s be honest, for a lot of women the organ that needs the most stimulation to reach orgasm is the brain.

I squirt nearly every single time I have sex, but on the very few occasions where I don’t I am always stressed or my mind is elsewhere and not in the moment.

To squirt, you must be very physically relaxed and mentally comfortable. Otherwise, no amount of stimulation going to get you there.

3. Strong Pelvic Muscles

I believe that one of the reasons I’m a “natural” squirter is that I have a really fucking strong pelvic floor (having been a professional belly dancer for over 12 years).

However, any woman can build up their pelvic floor strength through Kegal exercises. As they’re so easy to do, there’s no reason not do to them regularly.

Not only will they assist in she-jaculation, they will make your make your orgasms stronger, and reduce the risk of incontinence later on in life.

4. Practice

I’m completely in favor of all women exploring themselves on a regular basis. Masturbation is not dirty or shameful, and everyone should be doing it.

Even if you’re in a long term relationship or are having sex regularly, it’s still important to spend alone time with your yoni on a self-investigative level. Your sex life will flourish, and you will have a better idea of what is going to get you off when you’re with your sexual partner (or partners).

We’re complex creatures, and what turns us on can change over time too. It’s therefore important to stay in touch with our changing sexual selves, and take time out on a regular basis to touch ourselves, use toys and try out different sexual positions.

As each sexual position is going to stimulate your pussy in a different way, and experimenting with different positions can help you find which ones hit your G-spot most effectively  and which are more likely to help you she-jaculate.

5. An Emotional Connection

For me to be able to achieve orgasm and squirt, I need to have an emotional connection with the person I’m having sex with. For this reason, it has rarely ever happened for me with a one-night stand or someone I’ve not had strong feelings for.

I account one of the reasons I squirt every time I have sex with the fact I’m in love with my partner, and feel so emotionally, mentally, spiritually and sexually connected to her.

Is there anything that you need to have in place to be able to achieve female ejaculation?

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