As a full time squirter, I gush pretty much every single time I come through penetrative sex. This isn’t necessarily that common, as the frequency of ejaculation varies for all she-jeculators.

Some women squirt every time they have sex, others squirt every so often and some women may squirt once, and then never again. The way in which I’ve ejaculated has also varied over time, and with different partners.

I’ve outlined below the three main types of female ejaculation I’ve experienced:

The Gush

water gushing

The occurs when a large amount of fluid is expelled from the vagina or urethra. There is often such a substantial amount of fluid that It feels like I’ve squirted out a whole fucking river.

As the volume of fluid is so large, I have to ensure that the surface I’m having sex on is protected, and have some wipes on hand if I’m not going to shower straight after.

If I haven’t had sex in several days or more than a week, the amount of fluid I ejaculate seems to increase – it’s literally as though my body is saving it up, and the sense of relief I feel once I’ve squirted is mammoth.

In recent years, this is predominantly the only way that I ejaculate. From the first time I had sex with my wife, it seems to have unleashed the gusher within. Maybe she’s just that good at hitting the magical (G) spot, as no previous sexual partner enabled me “The Gush”.

The So-called “Real*” Female Ejaculate

milk dripping

I’m using this terminology in a very tongue-in-cheek way, as this form of ejaculation was labelled by a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine as the ‘real’ female ejaculation, while squirting or gushing was said to be incontinence.

This (stupidly coined) ‘real’ female ejaculate is said to occur when a viscous, white thick fluid is excreted from the Skene’s glands.

Quite frankly, this is absolute bullshit. If you are female and release fluid from your pussy through sexual activity around the time of orgasm, you’re experiencing female ejaculation. Regardless of whether it is a few drops, a spray of thick white fluid, a cupful of milkish coloured liquid, or a whole bucket of clear fluid. It’s all she-jaculation.

The first time I ejaculated I experienced the so called “real” female ejaculation where a whitish fluid sprayed out from my vagina, trickled down my butt crack and left a whitish stain on the bed sheets.

It looked slightly similar to that of male ejaculate, but the smell was mustier and sweeter. (When my lover left the bedroom to go to the bathroom, I inspected sheets and had a sniff.)

In my experience, this whitish ejaculate doesn’t have the same volume as The Gush.

*Please note my sarcasm.

The Trickle

tap dripping

During a two year sexual relationship, I experienced The Dribble on a regular basis in which only a few droplets of fluid were excreted during coitus. This usually happened through either digital penetration (being fingered), or from being penetrated with a strap on or dildo from behind. Nearly every time I started to come, I’d look between my legs and see the droplets hitting the sheets or running down the inside of my thighs.

While I couldn’t pinpoint if the fluid was coming from the urethra or the vagina, it appeared to be a mixture of the whitish fluid from the Skene’s glands and the clearer fluid that is expelled during The Gush.

How do you squirt? Feel free to tell me about it!

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